Doing it "Solo"

I often see people who stop doing an activity they enjoy or benefit them simply because they do not have anyone else to do it with or shares the same interest. Getting up at 5:30am every morning to get that gym session in can be very tough, specially during the cold winter months. This is always better and easier to achieve when you have a training partner, someone who can motivate you and many times be your friendly rival. 

Other times friends or even family can keep you away from your activity or goal, not because it's their intention but simply they do not understand it or are just not passionate about it. It sure does make it better when everyone is behind you cheering you on, however that is not always the case. Sometimes we need to make time for ourselves and remember that we have our own individual needs, life goes way too fast and should not be wasted away from pursuing what makes us happy or will make us happy in the long term. 

If it means doing it "solo" so be it, a few things that will make it easier are having a clear long term goal and a view of the big picture, a reason why you do it. Using imagery or surrounding yourself with people that have similar goals, this can be done online, face to face, whichever way. There is that old saying "Iron Sharpens Iron" if I want to be a good cake maker I will seek other cake makers and either learn from them or exchange ideas from them. 

Whatever your journey is, understand that a good percentage of the time involves travelling a lonely road and the best companion you will ever have is yourself. Learn to enjoy your own company and be comfortable with it, it is your road to make and no one else has to understand it as we all create our own paths.



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