Do I need to be fit to start training?

Not at all, you will get fit by training and going at your own pace. Our trainers will ensure that they push you just enough and treat you like an individual.

What clothes do I need to wear?

The best thing to wear when you are getting started is a shirt and shorts.

Will I need my own equipment?

Although we recommed everyone to have their own equipment. We have plenty of gloves, shin guards, mma gloves to borrow while you are getting started with your training.

I am a complete beginner will I be okay?

Yes, our classes are for every experience level. Our instructors pride themselves on helping out people new to the sport or technique.

What's a typical class like?

Classes run for approximately one hour. During this hour you will begin with a warm up and proceed to drill a technique. Drilling a technique over and over will help form muscle memory and help students retain it.

After drilling is complete we begin to spar (or roll). Rolling is the time when students get to put their technique to the test against training partners who can resist and counter as they would in an actual fight.



A's Dojo was created with the aim to provide Martial Arts training for the everyday person. You don't need to be an athlete to train with us. 

We are located in Sydney's south west one block away from Yagoona railway station. We have plenty of street parking as well as a car park at the rear of our building.  







   Casual Rate $25


   Little Ninjas Class

$41.25  per fortnight via direct debit.

    Kids Kickboxing Class

 $41.25  per fortnight via direct debit.

    Kids Kickboxing & Little Ninjas

 $66  per fortnight via direct debit.

 Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Program 

     $44 per week via direct     debit.


 Kickboxing Program

   $44 per week via direct     debit.


Unlimited Program (Kickboxing and BJJ) 

   $49.50 per week via direct     debit.