Choosing the Right Gear for your MMA / No Gi Journey

You have been training in the Gi for a few months and are excited to try some of the faster paced No Gi grappling. T-shirt and shorts are okay; However due to them being too lose, toes and fingers keep getting stuck during rolling. This can also be sometimes dangerous.

The solution, compression clothing!. So you start looking at all the different brands at the sports store, some cheaper than others, some that promise to increase blood flow, performance, endurance, etc, etc.

Where to do you start? It is all very confusing. Below I will share a few tips on what to look for the next time you are looking for a rashguard or a new pair of spats / compression pants.

Fit: You want to go with the size that is a bit smaller rather than bigger. This is due to the fact that they will stretch with time and after grappling sessions, sweat and putting them in the washing machine.

Breathability: The material needs to be resistant but at the same time not too think in order to allow your body to breathe freely and not overheat.

Stitching: This is important as you do not want your top or pants to fall apart mid roll and end up with a wardrobe malfunction. Always look at the stitching and how thick and strong it is.

Material: You want a combination which is at least 15% spandex as this will give it enough elasticity which will be important during rolling.

Pro Tip: When choosing a pair of spats/compression pants, look for the ones with a draw string around the waist. With time and wear the elasticity from the waist will start to get loose, a draw string will ensure your pants stay around your waist and not your ankles. With a rashguard try and find one that has a thick border around your waist so it doesn't slide up during rolls.

Below I am wearing a rashguard and a pair of spats from Elite Sports, which I have to say are very good and have been tested during some hard No Gi and MMA sessions. If you would like to check them out visit them at:

Happy Rolling!!