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Our MMA program is based in the style of Pankration which literary means "All Powers", it is the predecessor of modern day MMA. It combines stand up techniques, clinch, wrestling and submission holds.

Pankration had it's origin in the 33rd acient Olympic Games in the year 648 B.C. Matches were significantly rugged endeavours where serious injuries and even deaths were occupational hazards. Those wishing to train and learn Pankration did so at the "Palaestra"(training hall) within a special room set aside for the exclusive use of boxers and pankratists known as the Korykeion.

Unlike in the ancient world however, our classes are open to all ages and experience levels. If you want to have a fun workout and be challenged with a new skill to learn each class, contact us and arrange your FREE intro today!.



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"Been going to the Dojo for five years and cannot recommend it highly enough. BJJ, Pankration, Kickboxing and other activities done in a challenging and safe manner. You must give it a go!"


Amaan (HR Advisor)


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