Meet Our Members.

kickboxing yagoona/bankstown

How Long Have You Been Training?






I've been training since January of 2018.            












What Is Your Daily Occupation?

Dispatch Admin Supervisor.










How old are you?

 I am 50 years old.


What Are Some Of The Benefits To Everyday Life That Training Martial Arts At A's Dojo Have Given You?

 A great stress relief while learning something. I feel accomplished after a session.     

What Would Be Your Advice To Anyone Looking At Starting Martial Arts Training?

Take that 1 extra step and try it. I've committed to 1 day a week, do what works for you. I start and stop as I need to, go at your own pace. At A's Dojo, I felt welcome, I felt I wasn't judged.


Thank You for your time Cynthia.