Having Clear Goals

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Having Clear Goals

This is Petey, he started training at A’s Dojo Mixed Martial Arts Academy a few years ago and his goal has always been to improve and keep climbing through the Jiu Jitsu ranks.

Petey recently suffered a bad knee injury during a game of indoor soccer. This injury resulted in surgery for him and needing to take time off the mats to recover. During this time however, he continued coming to class and sitting on the sideline watching and taking notes.

He recently got back into drilling certain moves and sitting out observing during the drills that he couldn't perform. It is important to have clear and well defined goals as when unexpected events occur in our lives they can completely turn it upside down.

So make a note of your goals, the reason why they are important to you and continue moving forward towards reaching and achieving them. If something drastic happens, go back to your reasons and remind yourself why you got started in the first place.

See you on the mats!

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