At A's Dojo We Will be Interviewing our Members to Find Out How They got Started and What Benefits to their Lives they have Gained.

First up for this we have Hadi.

How long have you been training?

Two years

Tell us how old you are: 

31 years old

What is your daily occupation?


What are some of the benefits to everyday life that training martial arts at A's Dojo have given you?

During my time training I have met an amazing group of people. Training martial arts has provided me with an outlet for stress relief all whilst helping me follow a disciplined regime for my overall fitness and health.

What would be your advice to anyone looking at starting Martial Arts training?

Enjoy the journey. Often people come in and feel like they aren't good enough at martial arts so they quit. I found that simply enjoying each class on its own instead of wondering how you're going to become a black belt overnight is the best way to keep training fun. And always repeat "6 months from now you'll say you wish you started today"

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